Dry skin is an uncomfortable condition that can be itchy, painful and unsightly. It is more likely to occur in winter when the air is dryer, or when we are lacking certain nutrients and fatty acids in our diet. Unfortunately dry skin make us look older than we are and many people spend a fortune on commercial lotions in an effort to solve the problem.

Products containing synthetic ingredients and fragrances can cause skin irritation and dry the out skin even further so it is a good idea to stick to simple and natural solutions for dry skin, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Here are 5 easy and effective solutions to help you combat dry skin.

Use a natural exfoliating body scrub

Exfoliating the dry, dead and flaking skin cells with a natural exfoliating scrub like sugar, coffee or salt is a great way to encourage a fresh, smooth and healthy skin layer. It also allows the skin to absorb moisture more deeply.

Avoid hot showers

Whilst a hot shower feels wonderful, it is actually dehydrating to the skin. Keep your baths and showers lukewarm and avoid synthetic soaps which can also dry out the skin.

Try coconut oil

Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties, a wonderful scent and is an easy way to moisturise the skin and provide it with plenty of nutrients.  Apply it to slightly damp skin after a lukewarm shower or bath.

Use sweet orange oil

Using natural skin products that contain sweet orange oil (or sweet orange oil that has been diluted in a carrier oil of your choice) will reduce skin dryness, boost skin health, reduce redness and irritation and support collagen formation.

Bath in milk and honey

Cleopatra was famous for indulging in baths of milk and honey; but it wouldn’t be practical for most of us to fill up a bath with these expensive ingredients. Milk has anti-inflammatory properties, is soothing for the skin and contains lactic acid. Raw honey has anti-microbial properties and is moisturising for the skin. Soak a cloth in milk and apply it to the problem areas of the skin for several minutes, or add two cups of milk and a quarter cup of raw honey to a lukewarm bath and soak in it.