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5 Foods that boost sun protection

Research shows that our diet can help defend us from skin damage when we spend too much time in the sun. There are several key nutrients that boost your skin’s sun protection naturally, one of the most well-known being antioxidants. These compounds fight free radical damage which occurs when we have prolonged, unprotected sun exposure. Here are 5 foods that can boost your skin’s sun protection naturally: Green Tea Green tea is a herbal drink that is packed with antioxidants which can help to protect the skin from long term sun damage, inflammation and disease. Research has shown that just 2 cups of green tea per day can give your skin extra sun protection. Omega 3 Fatty Acids Omega 3...

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The benefits of coffee for your skin

Coffee is a beverage most of us are used to drinking on a regular basis but most people don’t know that coffee has fantastic benefits when applied to the skin. This doesn’t mean you should rub dry coffee grounds directly onto your skin, but rather a high quality ground coffee which is added to other ingredients like sugar, coconut oil and essential oils. The small particles in ground coffee make it an excellent exfoliant to remove dry, dead skin and reveal fresh, healthy new skin. The coffee scrub is applied to the skin in a gentle circular motion which helps to boost blood and lymph flow and this encourages detoxification. Caffeine is an important active compound found in coffee and...

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