Glow from the inside out

Our skin is deeply connected to our emotional and physical state as is evident when our skin turns red from embarrassment or tingles with pleasure. If something is not well with our state of health internally it won’t be long before it shows up externally in the form of dry skin, eczema, acne and rashes. 

Looking after our skin from the inside and outside is one of the truest forms of self care.

Here are 6 lifestyle changes you can make to get healthy radiant skin.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is so important if you want to avoid dry skin and have soft, supple and glowing skin because it flushes toxins from the body and lubricates the skin. Avoid drinks packed with sugar and additives and instead sip on pure water, herbal tea and pure fruit and vegetable juices. 

Get rid of junk food

The saying “you are what you eat” is true especially when it comes to your skin. You can’t expect to have healthy glowing skin if you are filling up on junk food and sugary drinks. Clean out your cupboards of inflammatory foods like sugar, gluten, processed foods and soft drinks and replace them with natural, organic whole foods if you want radiantly healthy skin.

Improve your diet

Skin problems are almost always linked to the body’s internal state of health and diet plays a big role in this. The skin is made from various proteins so make sure you are eating good sources of organic protein if you want to have smooth, strong, elastic skin. Eating more fatty fish, nuts and seeds which contain omega-3-fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory help to hydrate, feed and soothe the skin. Antioxidants are a powerful group of compounds that protect the skin from free radical damage, inflammation, UV rays and aging. To get more antioxidants add red, yellow and orange fruit and vegetables, green tea and dark chocolate to your diet.

Consider supplements

Our lives are busy and we don’t have time to always eat as healthily as we should, and on top of that conventional farming methods result in fewer nutrients in our food. Consider using probiotics, vitamin C, vitamin D, Vitamin E, selenium and zinc for healthy glowing skin.

Exercise more

Frequent exercise reduces stress and inflammation and boosts skin circulation, lymph flow and detoxification.


On average women use 12 different skin products per day, many of which are packed with chemicals and toxins that end up irritating and drying the skin. If you want healthy glowing skin one of the first things you should do is throw out your conventional skin products and go all natural. Scrubalicious is an all natural body scrub which removes dead skin cells, boosts circulation and lymph flow, and moisturises deep into the skin layers leaving your skin soft and radiantly healthy. It contains coconut oil which not only moisturises the skin but heals it and helps to fight free radical damage. Incorporate Scrubalicious into your weekly skincare routine and feel the benefits to your skin!